death to the opposition

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here there be swarm


Horatio goes up to the counter with two buddies of his. They all want to split a venti white chocolate mocha, and decide amongst themselves that since Horatio is the only one who went to college, he should do the actual ordering. Horatio orders. When he turns back around, everyone else in the Starbucks is dead.

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#be cool Steve be cool#act casual#you can do this#it’s just a random dude you picked up in a park#ask him if he wants to see another national monument later#wait no#FUCK#goddamn it#this is his WORK you can’t just SAY that here#shit shit shit#he’s so cute fuck

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meanwhile in 1997 these cutting edge internet themed crayons were born


meanwhile in 1997 these cutting edge internet themed crayons were born

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Haha I just got a HAND WRITTEN letter from Jehovah’s Witnesses I’m so uncomfortable!!!




Fucking fuk

Why is there a butt plug in the middle of a street!?

It’s Christmas. Get festive.

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Игры на свежем воздухе
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"Jesus, Frank; all I said was "hi."" 



wrynny I think you mean hilarious and adorable




My buddy James found more unnecessarily gendered food products

Dude milk sounds like a term from really bad erotica. I love it.

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holy fuck

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Haha I forgot my aunt is in town I was so hoping she’d let me know before she actually here!!!!

I am super annoyed by the fact that the perfect table+chairs that I found while stuck in airports/airplanes for three solid days is not available to ship to me until FEBRUARY

  • Coworker: Why do you think they are turning off the power to the building?
  • Me: Don't know, probably maintenance.
  • Coworker: Could you stop them if you wanted to?
  • Me: .... how exactly would I stop them?
  • Coworker: You know by doing your computer thing.
  • Me: My computer thing is no match for what is likely a comically over-sized 'OFF' lever.
  • Coworker: Oh. Yeah probably not.